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Prepare the Home to Show it off to your Buyers. 

Below you will find some suggestions and tips to make sure the stage is set for your home to stand out!


Exterior Tips:

  • Mow the yard and remove any debris from the walkways and driveway.

  • Park vehicles away from the front of the home in order to avoid them being in any of the exterior photos and videos. 

  • Place garbage cans and recycling bins in the garage for the duration of the session.

  • Neatly arrange any patio furniture.

  • Do not water grass the day of the session and place all water hoses away from front of the home. No sprinklers the day of the session.

  • Please make sure no contractors are working on or performing repairs on the home during the time of the session.

  • Remove all seasonal decorations from the exterior of the home. 

  • Please clean any pet waste from the yard before the photographers arrive.


Interior Tips:

General Areas

  • Have all lights in the home on even during the daytime, and make sure all light bulbs are in working order. 

  • If possible move all pets to a separate room or garage area.

  • Remove any seasonal decorations

  • For windows with blinds please have the blinds down.

  • Turn all fans off.


  • Clean all countertops less is more, and make sure sink is cleaned out before the photographer arrives.

  • Hide any visible garbage cans.

  • Turn the lights above the sink on. 

  • Remove any magnets or photos from the refrigerator.


  • Clear all countertops as much as possible. Hide all things such as toiletries (shampoo,toothbrushes,makeup bags, ect.)

  • Hide hampers and scales.

  • Remove any rugs in the master bathroom